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Credit: Google.com – They don’t reference where they got the definitions. Weird

I cannot believe that it has been 11 days since I last published a post.  Where has the time gone?  Well… I know where the time has gone, but I would hate to bore myself with writing all of those words.  In an effort to recap I’ll keep it to a simple few words…

  • Roller coaster ride
  • Hard truths
  • Difficult situations
  • Emotional
  • Deflating
  • Tiresome

Yup – I think that just about sums it up.

Because of the past 10 days, I am very uninspired to write a post or work on my side projects.  I even have a fantasy football draft tomorrow evening, and my gas tank is so empty that I don’t even care research potential draft picks.  Usually by this time I have outlined my draft strategy, memorized the top projected players, and already working towards trades prior to the draft.

I will say this… in the midst of a week that has left me running on empty, I was able to reach some significant mile markers with my secret side project.  Getting past these mile markers should have filled my tank, but their are so many mile markers we are at mile 5 of a marathon.  There is such a long way to go.

My goal for tomorrow is to find something that will fill my energy tank… a good fantasy football draft will help my energy tank for sure.

Phone Free(dom)

Phone Photo

My Current Phone

Today marks our official end of summer 2013.  I mean it isn’t officially over for world, but it is for this Bagwell family.  Weirdly enough there are some reasons to celebrate about summer ending.

  • We start a predictable schedule (I love predicable schedules).
  • There is a routine for almost everything (something I need badly).
  • Life become more organized. (Summer seems like controlled chaos).
  • Time for new things.

Those are just a few of my highlights of summer ending.  Wow… I guess I like control and organization more than I had thought.

Anyway… back to what I am writing about…

Today started a new routine and commitment for April and I…

The Back Story:
We determined a few weeks ago that our phones were getting in the way of our most precious times with our kids.  My job at the church isn’t the normal 9-5 job.  Almost each day is different, and the times I get home varies greatly.  I also have a 6 minute drive home, which doesn’t allow me to bring closure to my day.  I started noticing some issues (with April’s help).  I was being distracted during the first hour of being home in the evening.  I would be closing down text message conversations, firing back emails, and catching up with my to-do lists.  I was not completely ignoring my family… I was in the room with them doing the daddy stuff.  But, every few minutes my phone would ding and I would feel compelled to check the text message, email, or tweet.  Even worse I would find myself browsing Twitter for absolutely no reason at all. Continue reading

Alive In Myself

“God desires me to be alive in Him. Satan desires me to be alive in myself. Knowing the difference changes EVERYTHING!”  - Me

Indescribable Honor and Pride

My Paw-Paw (Willard Bagwell)

My Paw-Paw (Willard Bagwell)

This week I experienced a moment that I will never forget.  It was a moment filled with tears of sadness, and tears of joy.  But, more importantly it was a moment filled a level of honor and pride that I’ve never felt before.

On Wednesday (8.07.13) I attended my Paw-Paw’s funeral (my Dad’s Dad).  He battled Parkinson’s Disease for over 12 years, and passed away at the age of 86.  He has always been a fighter, and without a doubt he fought this disease much longer than anyone had expected.

When I walked into the room where he laid, his casket was covered with the stars and stripes of the American Flag.  This reminded me that he was a military veteran; he served the Infantry in his early 20′s.  Now almost 60 years removed from his service in the military, the flag lay draped over his casket in honor of his service to our country. Continue reading

Reject Normal

When I was in my early college years (I say that because I had a lot of college years), I consistently met with a group of guys for accountability, to be challenged, and yes, to laugh – a lot. During one of our gatherings someone threw out the phrase and it stuck out to us like a sore thumb -

“Peers are not my standard.”

I remember us all having a huge pause followed by the accustom cheer and/or grunt as we all agreed with that statement. We LOVED that statement, so much in fact that we got custom t-shirts that read “Peers are not my standard”. It became the DNA of our group. We constantly challenged each other to reject the standards of others, and press on towards the standards of our Savior (Jesus) (we were a Bible study group). It was awesome… but… at some point we all landed at different stages of life and the group became scattered.

Here’s where I’m going… I recently had a thought pass through my brain and I tweeted it so that I could remember it. Continue reading

Make Life Happen

I am currently 32 years old. Wow, I feel old, yet most of the world would say that I am young.

This year (2013) has been one of the toughest years for my wife and I both. There are about a billion excuses that I could use as to why this year feels like a deep dark pit; but, no more excuses.

The rough waters this year has caused me to reflect about my past and future more than ever before. Reflection has always been an enjoyable exercise for me. I have always loved thinking about my lameness, failures, and struggles. This year was different… It was time to get serious about who I am.

I was fortunate to tear through some awesome books that helped shed some light on my journey, but nothing will ever replace straight up silence, praying, and quiet space.

There is one HUGE thing that started to surface to the top through my refections… Continue reading

Where is 2012 – A Confession?

My last post was February 4th, 2012… and today July 28, 2013.  So… what happened?

The break was not intentional or strategic.  It just happened.  I’ve never called myself a consistent blogger.  In fact I am the complete opposite of that.  For years I had tried to become a consistent blogger.  I just never got there.  I could create a really long list of excuses for why I stopped blogging.  The truth is… I did not value it.  I did not create time for it.

Here is my best guess for why I lost value in blogging…

For the last couple of years I have been trying to “define” my voice as a content producer (a pro blogging term, for you newbies).  This just means that I have been searching for what content motivates me to write about.  I have read many books and awesome blogs about creating a consist blog, and they all say to “define your voice”.  But I have a confession.  Continue reading

Missional Distractions: My Appetite


I must confess… I am a starter.  You might ask… “What do you mean?”  I love to start things.  It can be projects around the house.  It might be cool new websites.  I love to innovate, in other words, make things better.  I’ll call this the “starter drive”.  For the sake of this discussion let’s talk about it as our appetite.

Why appetite?

An appetite is something that God created.  Everyone has one… everyone at some point has a drive to eat food.  It a natural function of our bodies.  So, when I think about this “starter drive” its very similar to an appetite. Continue reading

Leading My Heart

This post is the product of something God started stirring in me about a year ago.  It started when I preached a message about financial responsibility.  I had the opportunity to share about Matthew 6:19-24.  Here’s the link to a few posts about the sermon.

Anyway… I sat down to write this post about a month ago, and after about 900 words it was so cluttered I decided to start from scratch.  So as a disclaimer, there is no way to completely explain every theological angle within this post.  So, I trust that you will see my heart behind the next few statements as I attempt to process what God is doing in my heart.

For years I’ve been teaching Matthew 6:19-24… and every time I reference this passage it is always in the context of money.  Yes, that is true… Jesus does talk about money in this passage.  Yes, we have tons to learn about money from this passage. Continue reading

The Gift of a Budget

Cash MoneyDuring the most giving season of the year… it’s time to get serious about how we spend money.  The good ole Green Backs (cash) is an interesting topic.  We never talk about it, and when we do it’s often highly offensive…

I grew up in a family system that encouraged us to talk through our problems.  It was completely normal for me to talk to my parents about deep issues including how money is spent.  From what I can remember, I think our family talked about almost every dime that was spent… yes, we talked about it before it was spent.

This was a healthy model for me as I grew into adulthood.  In fact, I remember on multiple occasions my parents challenging me on the topic of money and how I was spending my money. Continue reading