A Never-ending Destination

The other day I was praying for a few of my friends who are going through a lot of terrible life junk.  I have seen them at their worst and their best.  To be honest; they have seen me at my worst and best too…  Did you know that we play the roller coaster game all the time?  At one moment we are living an awesome and blessed life… then all of a sudden the walls are caving in.  For me it’s the battle of the extremes… it’s awesome one minute, then out of nowhere I can’t seem to get out of the never ending tunnel…  This all got me thinking about the things we say in those extremes…

When we are in the tunnel:

  • Why God?
  • What did I do wrong this time?
  • Why does this have to hurt so bad?
  • Are you serious?
  • Do you even care about me anymore?
  • This is so frustrating…
  • _____________________________ (you fill in the blank).
During the awesome times:
  • Thank you God.
  • You are so good to me.
  • I have a blessed life. (Maybe we don’t say this enough).
  • It’s all about you…
  • God have your way in my life.
  • _____________________________ (you fill in the blank).

It’s like we are putting the emphasis on comfort and blessing – like the destination is in the awesomeness.  Our words communicate that God has promised a perfect life on this earth and when we don’t achieve it we start pounding our head against the wall to get back there. (Which often creates even more pain and misery.)

There is one problem… God does not promise an awesome and perfect life.  Don’t believe me check out James 1 or any of Jesus’ life.

When you’ve surrendered to the Mission of Jesus – you surrender your destination to God.  So in our eyes that destination should seem never-ending… with the good and bad being part of the journey.  I’ve realized that I have to remain content in the good and bad.  I might never arrive at my perceived destination…

You agree or disagree?  Share your thoughts below.

Maybe you can share some scripture that has allowed you to get through the tunnel…

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