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This post is part 3 of  the “A Thankful Giving” series.  You can check out part 1 & 2 before or after you check this out.

Wednesday 11/23

By 1:30PM all food had been cooked, and the cars where loaded… and we were off to deliver that meals.  The team split into 4 different groups and took 4-5 meals each.  I think my mom’s car will forever smell of turkey… the leaky turkey just happen to be the one we delivered last.

On our way to our first house we had to stop at a small parking lot in the community where we were delivering.  Mom and I started talking about all that is needed in this community… in fact we where gazing at a barren field that could easily be converted into a soccer field or small park.  The poverty that sits only a few miles from my house was mind blowing…

As we talked, we mentioned many ways to fix the problems, but at every solution a new problem seemed to arise… It was the, “well if we do that, then we need to do this, and it if you this, then you need to do that, again…”  It all seemed to be so overwhelming.

In that moment God reminded me of something I learned a few months ago…

“Jeremy, you can’t do it all, in fact you can’t solve all of the problems in this community, and all of poverty.”  Faced with the moment of beginning to become overwhelmed with all that this community needs… God reminded me… “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” (I learned this concept from Pastor Andy Stanley – Check out his “Do For One” episode  of his Leadership Podcast.)

It’s simple… Do for one.  I wish I could pull every person in this community out of poverty, and I wish that every kid had access to 3 healthy meals each day… but I can’t do it all… But I can do for one.  If we all did for one… who knows the impact…

That’s what we were doing; doing for one.  While we were celebrating what I call a rich person’s thanksgiving, we chose to flip the turkey (insert laughter), and give thankfully.  It’s cool to see a community of people choose to give thankfully.

I’m thankful that God gave me the insight to become his hands and feet in a community that is far less fortunate…

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to to “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”

S0 as we enter this Christmas season… I dare you to take a stroll down a poverty stricken road this weekend… it will overwhelm you… but, I bet you have the capacity to DO FOR ONE… It’s part of surrendering to the Mission of Jesus.  Satan wants nothing more than for us to sit on the bench because we can’t do for all.  Get on the field… and do something for someone.  Keep it simple… Do For One.

There is much more about the Do For One concept… Check out Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast in iTunes.

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