Do For One

This post is part 3 of  the “A Thankful Giving” series.  You can check out part 1 & 2 before or after you check this out. A Thankful Giving – The Backstory Changing The Future Wednesday 11/23 By 1:30PM all food had been cooked, and the cars where loaded… and we were off to deliver […]

Changing the Future

The future of my family is changing and I can’t believe it’s taken this long for God to get our attention about such a huge need.  Last week I started a series of posts about my family and friends Thanksgiving experience that I called  “A Thankful Giving”.  This series of blog posts are my way of […]

A Thankful Giving – The Backstory

As my family and I bring this Thanksgiving weekend to a close or at least as it slows down. I want to share with myself (as a way to journal) and anyone else who cares… why more than giving thanks I’m thankful for giving… Backstory (Thanksgiving 2010) Over the past year my family and some […]