Go = the Mission?

Therefore – GOTherefore Go

The great commission is found in [youversion]Matthew 28:19-20[/youversion].

  • 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. [youversion]Matthew 28:19-20[/youversion] (ESV)


The word GO in this passage has been consuming me for the past few

months.  It fascinates me that Jesus chose to use this word as he sent his disciples on mission.  When I think about this word I am challenged to think about how I’m Going.  Sadly, there are many directions that I go, but not all of them are in the direction of making disciples.

Go is…

  • active not passive.
  • aggressive not lazy.
  • pursuing not avoiding.
  • to take action not just sit by and watch.
  • advance not stay still.


The mission is the Gospel communicated to the nations… the making of disciples… the teaching all that Jesus modeled for us.  Why are we GOING in every direction other than the mission?  Why do I pursue, advance, take action, and become aggressive in almost every area of my life other than the mission?

Surrendering to the MISSION means to GO…

  • Make disciples – how?
  • To all nations – really everyone?
  • Baptize – why?
  • Teach – how?

What are we surrendering to?

2 comments on “Go = the Mission?

  1. Jeremy & Trey,

    Go! That word is like you say, a verb. It is active. And we are GOing every day, but are we conscious of where we are going? Are we aware of what consumes our GOing? What do we leave those we encounter when we move on and Go more? I hope folks are at least intrigued by the difference in my life. I believe you are on to something in drawing the body of Christ to really examine what it is that consumes our GOing. Everyone is building a future and when we are aware in Jesus Christ of the rippling effects of our actions and the promise of our future, we ought to feel behooved to reflect the love of Christ in our everyday GOing. We can become daily committed and freshly energized by the scripture that is the theme of your site. You both are in my prayers as you markedly reach forward into the lives of students. May God be the center of all your GOing!! If GOings are grounded in Christ, I believe that we will have a great following. Carry on with the Gospel.


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