I cannot believe that it has been 11 days since I last published a post.  Where has the time gone?  Well… I know where the time has gone, but I would hate to bore myself with writing all of those words.  In an effort to recap I’ll keep it to a simple few words… Roller […]

Phone Free(dom)

Today marks our official end of summer 2013.  I mean it isn’t officially over for world, but it is for this Bagwell family.  Weirdly enough there are some reasons to celebrate about summer ending. We start a predictable schedule (I love predicable schedules). There is a routine for almost everything (something I need badly). Life […]

Indescribable Honor and Pride

This week I experienced a moment that I will never forget.  It was a moment filled with tears of sadness, and tears of joy.  But, more importantly it was a moment filled a level of honor and pride that I’ve never felt before. On Wednesday (8.07.13) I attended my Paw-Paw’s funeral (my Dad’s Dad).  He […]

Reject Normal

When I was in my early college years (I say that because I had a lot of college years), I consistently met with a group of guys for accountability, to be challenged, and yes, to laugh – a lot. During one of our gatherings someone threw out the phrase and it stuck out to us […]

Make Life Happen

I am currently 32 years old. Wow, I feel old, yet most of the world would say that I am young. This year (2013) has been one of the toughest years for my wife and I both. There are about a billion excuses that I could use as to why this year feels like a […]

Where is 2012 – A Confession?

My last post was February 4th, 2012… and today July 28, 2013.  So… what happened? The break was not intentional or strategic.  It just happened.  I’ve never called myself a consistent blogger.  In fact I am the complete opposite of that.  For years I had tried to become a consistent blogger.  I just never got […]

Leading My Heart

This post is the product of something God started stirring in me about a year ago.  It started when I preached a message about financial responsibility.  I had the opportunity to share about Matthew 6:19-24.  Here’s the link to a few posts about the sermon. Anyway… I sat down to write this post about a […]

The Gift of a Budget

During the most giving season of the year… it’s time to get serious about how we spend money.  The good ole Green Backs (cash) is an interesting topic.  We never talk about it, and when we do it’s often highly offensive… I grew up in a family system that encouraged us to talk through our […]

Clear The Clutter: Emotional Clutter?

Emotions are a lot like clutter… the cluttered objects are useful, but when they get in the way of our life they become hazardous and confusing. A few weeks ago I posted a blog about clutter called Clear The Clutter if you haven’t read it I suggest you check it out before moving forward. Emotional Clutter […]

Clear the Clutter

Clutter is a fascinating thing… To be honest my wife would call me a cluttered person… I leave things everywhere.  Recently I’ve had the house to myself for a few days (April and Paisley are in Florida), and while they are gone I can see a trail of my stuff throughout the house.  Most of […]