Love the Mission or the Style?

In a world that is all about style, should Christian’s be all about style?

For many years I fell in LOVE with the style of Church rather than the mission of Jesus.  Yes, that’s right, I fell in love with a style.  The style of the worship gatherings were appealing to me and relevant to my life, in fact God used that style to communicate to me.  But, after a while of singing the songs, watching the videos, doing the dramas, and listening to the sermons, I got real comfortable with a style.  I got so comfortable with that style that I lost sight of the mission.  The STYLE became the mission.  I thought that every church in this nation should do church with a edgy, modern,

or contemporary style (insert whatever buzz word you might use: epic, killer, crunk… you get the picture).  It was serious business to me.  I didn’t live out [youversion]Matthew 28:19-20[/youversion]; [youversion]Mark 10:35-45[/youversion]; [youversion]Matthew 22:37-39[/youversion]; [youversion]James 1:27[/youversion] or any of the other commands that reflect the mission of Jesus. I was obsessed with style of worship and became the very person I never wanted to be.

The mission = Style? Really?

Maybe at the core I didn’t really believe that, but my actions sure did reflect the obsession with style.  I lived my life to prove that modern or comptemporarty style church was the mission.  Because after all; we build the style and they will come (the lost people), or at least that’s what the marketing people tell us; advertise the right way, promote the right way, market it the right way, and it will sell.  Sadly I slowly faded into the love of style and out of love of the mission.

Love the Mission = style comes later.

There comes a point in all of our lives that we long for something more… in fact it happens probably more than once in all of our lives.  For me I have recently desired more LOVE for the mission of Jesus.  Style is great and good, but if we are more about the style than the mission it always leaves us with wanting more…

  • Style is about me.
  • Mission is about God; Mission is about Others ([youversion]Matthew 22:37-39[/youversion]).
  • Style can become about the stuff.
  • Mission is about the Gospel – (The opposite of stuff).
  • Style can promote consumerism. (But not always)
  • Mission promotes producers / reproducers.
  • Style = “I wasn’t feeling it today.”  ”The sermon wasn’t cool.”
  • Mission = It’s not ABOUT ME! ([youversion]Isaiah 53[/youversion])
  • Style = We can do this.
  • Mission = Only God can do this. ([youversion]1 John 4:9-10[/youversion])
  • Style is easy.
  • Mission is HARD, Difficult, time consuming, and sacrificial. ([youversion]Mark 10:35-45[/youversion])

More than a style

My prayer is that I become more consumed by the mission of Jesus than the style of the church.  Church is not about the style, but about the mission.

My prayer is that the style is ever changing in order to accomplish the MISSION of Jesus.

We DON”T give up on being relevant, modern, hip, or cool; but it must remain in balance and submission to the MISSION.

More to come on this topic later… style is good; it’s just NOT the mission.

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