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The style of worship, the style of church, the style of teaching, and the style of leading is not the mission; but they can have a profound meaning and importance if in the context of the mission.  Here’s how it works in my head:

  1. Surrender to the Mission ([youversion]Matthew 28:19-20[/youversion], [youversion]2 Corinthians 5:16-21[/youversion], [youversion]John 3:16-17[/youversion].)
  2. Catch a glimpse of the Vision (Given by God.) See the story of [youversion]Nehemiah 1:1[/youversion].
  3. Execute the How (With humility while obsessed with the mission.)
  4. Evaluate the How (As people change; the how must change too.)
  5. Change the How (Have the guts to make bold changes.)

God established the mission of Jesus. -> Then God gives us a vision of how to accomplish the mission. -> Then we execute the how without the how becoming the mission. -> Evaluate the how -> Change the how.

The hard part:

The hardest part is that we LOVE the how because it is something that we created.  The crazy thing to think about is that Church on Sunday at 11AM is a “HOW”.  News Flash – It’s not the MISSION.  Having Church worship gatherings at 11AM on Sunday is in no way the mission of Jesus.  The Mission of Jesus is much bigger than 11AM on Sunday!  So – if it isn’t the mission can it be changed?

Over the next few weeks we will define the difference between mission, vision, how, execution, and change.  Let’s begin to fight for the right things…

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