Missional Distractions: Depression

As we enter the greatest season of the entire year… or at least what should be the greatest season of the year.  Not because of the gifts, the lights, the decorations, or the wrapping, but because of our Savior’s birth.  However, in many cases we don’t feel like this is the greatest season.  In fact, studies show that a large portion of American’s feel that this is the most stressful and depressing time of the year.  Satan wants to distract us from the mission of Jesus in every way possible… and depression during this season is one of the greatest distractions.

One of our friends Brian Sloan started a series of blogs that deal with this very topic of depression.  It’s not the best thing to talk about or read about… but I’m learning that we NEED each other more now than ever.

No matter if you are in the trenches of this battle or an outsider helping friends… you gotta check this blog post:

Ok, we pulled out the “D” word last time. It happens to quite a few folks during the holiday season. We’re not going to dwell on the topic of depression for very long right now, but we would be less than honest, and less than helpful if we tried to ignore that topic. This is a part of our “Most Wonderful Time..” series, so if you haven’t, you might want to look at the previous post… read more…

We hope that you will fight in the trenches for you and your friends during this Christmas season!

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