Make Life Happen

I am currently 32 years old. Wow, I feel old, yet most of the world would say that I am young.

This year (2013) has been one of the toughest years for my wife and I both. There are about a billion excuses that I could use as to why this year feels like a deep dark pit; but, no more excuses.

The rough waters this year has caused me to reflect about my past and future more than ever before. Reflection has always been an enjoyable exercise for me. I have always loved thinking about my lameness, failures, and struggles. This year was different… It was time to get serious about who I am.

I was fortunate to tear through some awesome books that helped shed some light on my journey, but nothing will ever replace straight up silence, praying, and quiet space.

There is one HUGE thing that started to surface to the top through my refections…

As I poured through books about great people, read blog journals about the early beginnings of significant people, and talked with people who had accomplished their dreams one thing kept rising to the surface.

In almost ever story I heard something like,

“When I was 12 years old I decided that I wanted to become _______ or accomplish _________ or contribute ________ to the world.”

It might have not been 12 years old each time, but it was early, and they where young. Some of these men and ladies where faith based and others were not, but what they had in common was the fact that they knew what they wanted to accomplish in life. They were not satisfied with letting life give to them, they were going to give their life and the world themselves.

BOOM – It hit me…

I had NEVER said out loud what I wanted to do or become in life. I had never had a moment where I said, “I want to become ______ or accomplish ______ or contribute _______ to the world.”

That was it… I have a choice: keep letting life come to me, or put my foot down and figure out what that “thing” is that God wants me to contribute to the world.

Now I’ve just got to figure out what that thing is. I wish I had spent my twenties trying to figure this out! But, as my Doctor told me a few weeks ago, “at least you are here now, many people don’t even arrive to this place.” Good point doc, I must rest in the future and not worry about what “could have been” in the past.

I love this quote I heard on the show Deadliest Catch the other night:

“There are 3 types of people in life; those who watch life happen, those who make life happen, and those who say, “what just happened”. -Phil Harris

I want to be a man that people say, “that dude makes life happen.”

Let’s go… Let’s make life happen!

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