Reject Normal

When I was in my early college years (I say that because I had a lot of college years), I consistently met with a group of guys for accountability, to be challenged, and yes, to laugh – a lot. During one of our gatherings someone threw out the phrase and it stuck out to us like a sore thumb -

“Peers are not my standard.”

I remember us all having a huge pause followed by the accustom cheer and/or grunt as we all agreed with that statement. We LOVED that statement, so much in fact that we got custom t-shirts that read “Peers are not my standard”. It became the DNA of our group. We constantly challenged each other to reject the standards of others, and press on towards the standards of our Savior (Jesus) (we were a Bible study group). It was awesome… but… at some point we all landed at different stages of life and the group became scattered.

Here’s where I’m going… I recently had a thought pass through my brain and I tweeted it so that I could remember it.

“Society’s gravitational pull is to normalize mediocrity. To achieve something beyond myself I must be willing to reject “normal”.”

This phrase is similar to the one I fell in love with over 10 years ago…

Let’s be clear, it is not the intent for the society to normalize people, but it’s the people of the society, and we do it to ourselves without even thinking about it.

Sadly, many of us (me included) just fall in line and accept the standards or the normal and keep on living life.

I am not a fan of becoming mediocre or average.

I believe…

  • Normal is easy
  • Normal is boring
  • Normal is safe
  • Normal is selfish
  • Normal is unsatisfying

Here’s what I find fascinating about this whole idea… Everyday I must fight against settling for normal. Each day that I don’t fight is a day where I slide one more notch towards normal. Even more fascinating is that we live in a society where fame and flash is glamorized, yet most of us settle for average. Newsflash – many of the famous and flashy are not normal. They did not rise to their position by being normal. But we still let society pull us into being mediocre as if it is the best things since sliced bread. This baffles me… I do this! I let this happen to me. CRAZY.

As I reflect, I can’t believe that it has been over 10 years since I was part of a very driven group of guys. Even more, I can’t believe I’ve fallen prey to accepting average as good enough.

Today I choose to reject normal. Maybe others will join me…


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