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What is a mission?Basketball Hoop

According to there are 16 different definitions of the word “Mission”.

My favorite definition found at is; “the business with which such a group is charged.”

This past weekend I attended a local high school basketball game.  This isn’t unusual for me, I love watching student athletes compete.  What I love about athletics is that each person is “sold-out” for a shared mission.  These boys were flying all over the court in an attempt to make a play that will propel their team to a win.

They dove on the ground, ran pre-designed plays, and exhausted themselves all for the mission.  What is that mission?  They want to win!  I’ve never seen a team come storming out of the locker room chanting; “We want to lose!”  I don’t believe that athletes are ok with losing; if you are part of a significant team, you want to win, at least I always did.  Winning is what sports is all about (I guess it’s about character and all that stuff too).  It starts with one win, then builds to the ultimate prize of winning a state title.  In my short existence, I’ve found that most teams are successful when they first surrender to the mission.

What the mission is not:

  • Not a single play during the game.
  • Not a jump shot.
  • Not a layup.
  • Not even practice.
  • Not effort.
  • Not running the play correctly.

All of these things are good; but they come after the team has surrendered to the mission.  Plays, shots, practice, effort, skill, and strategies are developed after the mission is defined.

Our faith isn’t much different… I believe it’s in our nature to want to be successful, to win, to be deemed a winner.  Just like athletes surrender to the mission of their team, how much greater should we surrender to the mission of Jesus?  It all starts with selling-out, committing, or surrendering to the mission.

What is a mission: “the business which which such a group is charged.” (  For a basketball team the business is to win… for us as Christians… [youversion]Matthew 28:19-20[/youversion]; [youversion]Matthew 22:34-40[/youversion].

What would happen to our Churches if we became sold-out (surrendered) to the mission of Jesus before we sell-out to any other thing?

Next time you watch a game on the TV, go to a sporting event, or think of your favorite sports team, let it remind you of the mission; you are sold-out to the mission of Jesus… yes, no, maybe… your answer might surprise you.

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