Where is 2012 – A Confession?

My last post was February 4th, 2012… and today July 28, 2013.  So… what happened?

The break was not intentional or strategic.  It just happened.  I’ve never called myself a consistent blogger.  In fact I am the complete opposite of that.  For years I had tried to become a consistent blogger.  I just never got there.  I could create a really long list of excuses for why I stopped blogging.  The truth is… I did not value it.  I did not create time for it.

Here is my best guess for why I lost value in blogging…

For the last couple of years I have been trying to “define” my voice as a content producer (a pro blogging term, for you newbies).  This just means that I have been searching for what content motivates me to write about.  I have read many books and awesome blogs about creating a consist blog, and they all say to “define your voice”.  But I have a confession. 


I don’t KNOW my VOICE!

What do I do?  If the pros say that readers what a consistent voice and I can’t figure out my voice (content), should I just quit trying to publish content?

Heck no!

My problem – My goal was all wrong.

I was trying to define my voice before I ever created content.

I was producing content, but I was focusing on producing a type of content and the focus changed all the time.  Instead of just writing about things that inspired me I was trying to find my voice then write.

Where to go from here?

Starting today I am blogging in hopes to discover my “voice”.  It’s now personal… it is not about a reader or a subscriber… it is about me, and my personal journey.  It is about crafting words that journal my pursuit of life, faith, and leadership.

Maybe one day I will have defined my voice; but for now it is not about you reading this… it is about me.  Yes… I just said that.  I need it to be about me.  For this reason my tagline reads:

Blogging about Life, Faith, & Leadership – Consume at your own risk.

I make no promises… read at your own risk.

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